Teacher features

  • Study groups.
  • Task editor.
  • Peer tasks sharing.
  • Student's progress dashboard.
  • Musical skills evaluation tool.
  • Multi-account for school devices.

Distance education

  • Remote teacher-student communication.
  • Remote progress follow up.
  • From home to school, a continuous learning space.
  • Post-Corona ready.
Education Alliance Finland 2019 - Certified pedagogical quality


  • Music theory and ear training basics, that are applicable to all instruments and vocals.
  • Music composition essentials.
  • Collaboration and peer feedback.
  • Computational thinking.
  • Cultural diversity.

Task examples

  • Build popular songs in different genres.
  • Practice mode - theme focused.
  • Explain the math of scales and chords.
  • Compose from scratch or templates.
  • Find instruments volume balance.
  • Experiment with timbre combination.
  • Give feedback to peer.
  • Ask us for more.